Space Invaders: Invasion Day

by Sander on 20-07-2003, 00:51
Topic: MSX Related


25 years after the Arcade version of the highly addictive game Space Invaders and 18 years after Taito published the MSX version of Space Invaders, a new version is about to be released on Playstation 2. Bigben Interactive annouced the return of Space Invaders with Space Invaders: Invasion day. It's an old-school shoot'em up kind of game. There are 50 stages in total to complete. Check out the screenshots!

Space Invaders can be pre-ordered here

Relevant link: Space Invaders screenshots

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By Arjan

Paladin (787)

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20-07-2003, 22:08

pff this will probably be just another 3rd person shooter, it doesn't have anything to do with Space Invaders (except having the original game hidden somewhere)