YS Complete translation 1.07

by snout on 04-04-2003, 14:22
Topic: MSX Related

The popular Falcom games YS 1 and YS 2 were restyled and re-released in a special package a while ago. Soon afterwards, an YS fan managed to get these marvellous games translated.

However, the patch did not work on all versions of YS Complete and often resulted in corrupted game data. Currently, development is still in process but a lot of improvements have been made:

  • YS1 dynamic script load implementation
  • YS1 script stranslation
  • YS1 old opening patched with translated bitmaps
  • YS1&2 system menus translated
  • YS1&2 romanization fixes
  • YS1&2 configuration utility
  • YS2 save/load bug fixed
  • Support for CD and DVD versions of YS Complete (not for YS eternal!)

The most recent version can be found on this website

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By FiXato

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05-04-2003, 00:30

Is anyone selling a/his/her copy of YS Complete or Ys Eternal at Tilbeurs?

By snout

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05-04-2003, 18:44

not a chance... I might consider demonstrating it though Smile

By FiXato

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06-04-2003, 01:44

It might be an idea to have a pre-order or something like that at the fair. If a number of copies were bought at the same time it save some money of the P&P-costs... A part of that savings can go to the MRC Foundation Tongue