YS I & II Eternal Story for Playstation 2

by snout on 31-05-2003, 13:04
Topic: MSX Related

Source: The magic box

This summer, Digicube will release a new edition of Falcom's YS I & II Eternal story, the modern remakes of two games that are known on MSX as Ancient YS vanished Omen and Ancient YS vanished - the final chapter. (YS1 and YS2). The Playstation 2 release will have an 'original' and a net 'Eternal story' mode, in which a new (visually improved) battling system is used. Also the game features two new characters that weren't in earlier editions of these games: Misha, a genius painter and Jeanne, a genius musician. In the preview you can have a look at some impressive screenshots.

It is now possible to order YS1 & 2 Eternal Story for Playstation 2 or a special Limited Edition

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