YS Origin trailer

by snout on 16-11-2006, 22:50
Topic: MSX Related

Source: 4gamer

Falcom have released a trailer of their upcoming game YS Origin, which will be released in Japan on December 21st. You can download the high quality trailer exclusively on the Japanese gaming portal 4gamer.net, to be more specific: it's right here. On MSX three editions of the YS series were released: YS (Ancient YS vanished omen), YS II (The final chapter) and YS III (Wanderers from YS).

Relevant link: YS Origin trailer

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By Grauw

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17-11-2006, 11:33

I saw it in a shop in Osaka last week! Smile

I recorded a clip of it on my cellphone, but I suppose there isn’t much news value in putting it online now…


By wolf_

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17-11-2006, 13:06

I'm a complete noob on this subject, but are these games also available in English?

-> X

By Abi

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17-11-2006, 17:59

eehm maybe, i have here the version which is the version before this oneTongue for my PS2 and it is still availible in many ps2/game shops here.

By Manuel

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17-11-2006, 20:34

So, where does one click for the actual trailer? "right here" is only a page full of Japanese. Sad

By wolf_

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17-11-2006, 20:36

X marks the spot ^_^

By Manuel

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17-11-2006, 22:28

OK, I found the link, I didn't expect movies to be in a zip file :S

ANyway, GREAT trailer!

By ro

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19-11-2006, 16:18

yeah, good to see the same engine is used as in YS Arc en YsIII. I really enjoyed them!

now for an english version... Crying