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by Sander on 14-11-2001, 12:42
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Compile website

Compile has announced two new installments of the Zanac series. For a PDA with PalmOS and a color display you can buy the classic MSX Zanac version online. There's also a demo version wich you can download. The url is (English site) This version costs $11.79.

For Playstation, Compile will release ZANACXZANAC on november 29. The price will be 4980 yen.The website (only in Japanese at this moment, so you have to use a translator site) really MSX info, but because most of us played Zanac to the bone, I thought you should know.

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By Yukio

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21-08-2008, 12:52

It was not the MSX version of ZANAC. Also it worked into monochromatic PALM OS versions, there was a demonstration version with only one playable level.

I got the registered version, it was one of the coolest games for Palm OS. Sure, the version was like the NES version.

The demo has a mention to ZanacXZanac.

By wolf_

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21-08-2008, 12:59

By Yukio

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21-08-2008, 13:21

ZANAC for PalmOS has animated wings for the ship, the MSX versions do not! And for those curious, there was two versions of the game. One monochrome version and one colour version, much like most Palm OS games their compiled the games at least twice ...

Sure, in most cases a person can run the monochrome demo version on a colour PDA. But into some particular cases, the (registered) game is locked using the user ID (name of the person) and Palm serial number ! The registered version was send by a link to download the full game.

Each Palm developer has a particular ID too, personal computers are so nice ...

By Haohmaru

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21-08-2008, 18:33

Oh dear....

I'm having flashbacks...oO

By FiXato

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31-08-2008, 14:09

*throws a fish at Yukio for dragging out cows from the ditch..*
for a minute I thought there actually were new Zanacs announced again.. instead of this OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD post..