At the end of last year, Zombie Incident, the winner of MSXdev'11, got a release on physical cartridge. This March, the Nintendo 3DS version also saw the light of day. It's a remake which very closely follows the original MSX version, but with upgraded graphics and music and the possibility to compete with other players online. True to its MSX roots, the rearranged soundtrack (YouTube link) was created using actual MSX sound capabilities, with the yet to be released TriloTracker for FM. No additional effects were used, so it sounds like it would on an actual MSX machine. A trailer is available on YouTube.

Relevant link: Nintendo eShop
Relevant link: Coderchild

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  • Zombie Incident released for Nintendo 3DS
  • Zombie Incident released for Nintendo 3DS
  • Zombie Incident released for Nintendo 3DS

Comments (14)

By ren

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15-04-2015, 22:06

Cool & congrats (but old news already? Wink)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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15-04-2015, 22:44

Thanks! Yes, more than a month old. Smile Was reluctant to post it myself at first since I didn't want to 'blow my own horn', but since no one else had done it yet and because I uploaded the rearranged soundtrack today anyway, I decided to just go for it.

By ray2day

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15-04-2015, 22:37

Congradulations indeed! Nice work!

By ren

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15-04-2015, 23:19

@john: capiche, maestro Wink
So it's different from your earlier arrangement? (Can't really tell ;))
What format is used by the 3DS to replay music btw? Did you use some after-processing to 'brush' things up?

Do like the crescendo in "Citadel" for sure! (AFAIC could have (easily) been 2x the length..! ;))

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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16-04-2015, 00:12

@ ray2day: Thank you!

@ ren: No, it's the same, actually. For the 3DS version, we simply used wav files which I recorded running TriloTracker under openMSX. Nothing was 'brushed up' or edited (apart from some cutting of the ends to make the songs loop correctly, ofcourse); everything you hear is pure MSX power. Wink
Which crescendo do you mean? Could you state the time?

By Imanok

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16-04-2015, 09:02

Great work, guys! Wink

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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16-04-2015, 09:03

Congrats! Well done! Cool

By ren

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16-04-2015, 12:44

JohnHassink wrote:

[...] Which crescendo do you mean? Could you state the time?

I'm not sure if crescendo is the right term to describe what I meant (I'm not really that familiar/comfortable with musical jargon/terms..) but I mean this part (as also mentioned by someone who commented on the vid).

By JohnHassink

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16-04-2015, 14:12

You could call that a coda. Smile Glad that you like it, just had to add it to increase the '80s horror synth' atmosphere. Wink


Enlighted (5889)

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17-04-2015, 07:29

Why MSX versions newer get online game support? Would be nice to compete against 3DS players... Now the Denyonet only collects dust.

By jurjen74

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20-04-2015, 15:18


By Randam

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21-04-2015, 23:19

Very cool!!! Is there any chance that the msx version also gets the fm tunes?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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22-04-2015, 00:33

Only if and when:
(1) The stand-alone TTFM replayer reaches usable state
(2) nenefranz is willing to incorporate it (would need a bigger ROM size then) and to distribute the result

By SkyeWelse

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24-04-2015, 22:41

Congratulations! I recently ordered this through Eric's MSX Repro Factory and I'll get it on 3DS as well. Smile
I love the music and cover art especially. It really does add such a charm to the game. : )