MSX appears in Japanese media

by snout on 20-04-2003, 23:41
Topic: MSX Revival

Thanks to the MSX Revival, the MSX computer system is receiving more and more attention in the Japanese magazines. After being featured in Basic Magazine - which we reported about earlier - the MSX was now discussed in the first edition of Core Gamers magazine, POPular COMputer magazine (Popcom) and in a Japanese Xbox magazine. Scans of the magazines can be found in this and this page of Gigamix's diary.

Also, a ZDnet article on bluetooth got a bit related to MSX. Mister Sakai and the writer of the article had been working for a large company for over 10 years, anr were involved with MSX during that period. According to a subscript near Sakai's foto, both had a nice long chat about MSX and the MSX Revival after the Bluetooth presentation.