MSX Print - First Part

by Sander on 09-06-2000, 20:53
Topic: MSX Revival

Ikeda's MSX PRINT- 5th June 2000

Since I received questions about the new MSX, I will hereby write myanswer.The representative of the Japanese MSX-group Frontline, mister Yokoi, hasalready obtained ASCII's permission for the development of a new MSX.But, the problem is the VDP. It's that the copyrights of the VDP are held by Yamaha. It's possible to negotiate with Yamaha about the use of the VDP. The fact is, that right now the ESE Artists' Factory uses a softwaretechnology like FPGA and is advancing the development of a new VDP. If this succeeds, it will become possible to put this new VDP into the new MSX. However, if there are negotiations going on before the completion of this VDP, we will end up not being able to use this new VDP. That is because there will be written official documents that say that in the past, negotiations between Yamaha and us concerning the use of the VDP have been held. In case these official documents remain, there is the possibility of a trial in which Yamaha will claim that we have offended the patent of the VDP, which we will most probably lose. However, by the time we have the new VDP using the software technology completed without having priorly negotiated with Yamaha concerning the use of the VDP, we can put the new VDP into the new MSX without being sued by Yamaha. This case is similar to the trial about the PlayStation emulator, which waswon by the emulator party. It all depends on whether the ESE Artists'Factory will be able to develop this new VDP or not.