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Topic: MSX Revival

This article from a dutch magazine, which is published by Luc Sala who once published MSX-INFO, talks about the MSX revival in Japan. It was translated from Dutch to English. Thanks to Sander Zuidema who sent the article. It really sounds amazing, but according to Sander Zuidema there is an MSX, once the predecessor of CD-I and rival of C-64 as Microsoft Extended Basic in the pre-DOS time, revival going on in Japan. Once there were tons of software, but the argument between Kay Nishi and Gates (leading to the lack of support for CD-I in MS-DOS en that Philips had to choose OS-9 for OS) and on the other hand the coming of PC's made MSX bleed to death. In the Netherlands there was, thanks to Philips building the hardware and the fact that the Philips Homecomputerclub made the change from P-2000 to MSX, a quite large group of MSX users. eventually it all died, but we published the MSX-INFO magazine for years though. And now there are new plans being made, at ASCII, and Kay Nishi is yet again involved. It's all about an MSX emulator for the PC, that will give you the opportunity to use that old software again, but they have also been talking about new hardware with a 150MHZ Z-80 CPU. Who would have thought this or is this computer-archeological work? The commercial background is that MSX software is fairly good for internet-downloads, is nice and compact and there's a lot of software for young kids and minors.

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To prove this article is right!

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