MSXPLAYer Beta Preview

by Bart on 25-09-2001, 22:44
Topic: MSX Revival

As we promised to keep you up to date on the MSX revival project, we present you a first look on the official MSX emulator: MSXPLAYer.

The emulator is still in beta fase and only available for Windows at the moment. MSXPLAYer is copyrighted by MSX-Association, ASCII Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Tao Group Limited / Tao Systems Ltd. The first name 'MSX-Association' is rumoured to be a company owned by our famous Dr. Nishi Kazuhiko. But as I stated, that's a rumour.

The version available right now is Japanese only, but nevertheless it's functioning well. The package came with 4 games and Basic. All MSX 1 games, EGG, Castle Excellent, Warroid and Bokosuka. Those games all performed a bit slowly, but we should keep in mind we're talking about a beta. Also I did not hear any PSG sound, unfortunately.The emulator works under all Windows versions, though not all versions have been tested in different languages. Also the hardware requirements are quite heavy, quoting the MSXPLAYer document: Celeron 500MHz-equivalent CPU.

Remarkable but understandable note in the document: 'Do NOT contact Microsoft Corporation for the issues related to MSXPLAYer for Window beta.' :) Allthough we could not preview a lot, simply because there isn't a lot, the release of this beta provides some additional trust and confidence in the MSX Revival Project.

Let's see what version 1.0 brings us!

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By mars2000you

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25-09-2001, 23:34

Very important news !!! But where can I download this beta version ??? I'm very impatient to test the official MSX emulator !

By Bart

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26-09-2001, 00:11

You can't. Sorry. Please be patient.