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by anonymous on 23-06-2002, 14:26
Topic: MSX Revival


See the following link for MSXPLAYer news : It's in Spanish. I resume here the main facts :

  • There are still plans for a free version of this emulator (for distribution with free games and promote programming), but Microsoft doesn't like free emulators ...
  • There are plans for distribution in Europe of the commercial version with European and Japanese MSX games
  • The official MSXPLAYer site is : where you can find interesting explanations about the interface of the emulator and the use of joystick and gamepad with this emulator (I also note that the logo of the emulator is partially written by Kay Nishi !!!)
  • The most recent version emulates also the Turbo-R, but it's not perfect

Relevant link:

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By snout

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23-06-2002, 16:25

Just a small reaction from my side. The information on hispaMSX comes from the latest MSX Print by Kuniji Ikeda. The tripod site about the MSX PLAYer is not an official, yet an onofficial fan-site. The MSX Print also mentions the FPGA project, of which pictures can be seen on <a href="" target="new">Ag0ny's site</a> although I think we reported about that earlier. By the way, buying the MSX PLAYer does not only mean giving some money to Microsoft. It also means supporting the One-Chip (FPGA) computer project. We hope to be able to report to you about MSX PLAYer distribution in the futore.

By mars2000you

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23-06-2002, 16:54

Sorry for the confusion between official and onofficial site, but as the English text was not already available on the MSX Plaza, I had to try to understand the Spanish text ...
By the way, this onofficial site is very interesting .
I'm therefore very impatient to discover the free or the commercial version of this emulator, especially for the musical quality and for the Turbo-R part ...
These criteria are in fact very important, if you want to compare the MSX-PLAYer with NLMSX for example !

By snout

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23-06-2002, 16:58

Never mind about the confusion. As soon as we get our hands on the PLAYer, you can expect it to appear on the emulator comparison!