One Chip MSX fans

by snout on 15-08-2006, 10:08
Topic: MSX Revival

The recent news on the One Chip MSX has been received with many reactions (positive and negative) all over the world. We spotted this Japanese website where you can download One Chip MSX fans. There is a fan for people supporting the One Chip MSX (showing an MSX OS-tan, which makes it the second MSX OS-tan after MSX-DOS girl), and a fan for people who are against the One Chip MSX. Whether or not the paper kit needed to print and fold these fans are available outside Japan as well, is unknown at present.

Relevant link: One Chip MSX fans

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By Grauw

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15-08-2006, 13:02

Haha, wonderful Smile.


By AuroraMSX

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16-08-2006, 09:21

What does that fan with the big "STOP!"on it say? (besides STOP!)

By BiFi

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20-08-2006, 09:56

Over a year ago, when the One Chip MSX was running in a order-to-produce state, this site was set up... It also writes about the MSX2 update kit...

The current One-Chip-MSX doesn't require that MSX2 update kit anymore as it already is MSX2...

It was fun a year ago, it kinda looks silly posting about it a year later. I won't use that word now. I'll leave that up to someone else (ro? Wink)

By wolf_

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20-08-2006, 11:04

Perhaps there are new users this last year who didn't know the previous newspost?

Perhaps older users who did see the previous newspost forgot about it and don't mind about seeing it again?

By BiFi

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20-08-2006, 11:32

The news was posted as recent development...

By snout

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20-08-2006, 12:05

so euhm... it took you 5 days to find something new to complain about @ MRC, BiFi? Well done! Tongue

Perhaps you did not understand the point I was trying to make to you recently. It's not about using the word 'cucumber' or not, it's about not being annoying and disrespectful. At least to me, the vast majority of your posts on MRC over the past few months have been quite annoying, and I'd appreciate it if you'd work on that. If you can't, then please start being annoying somewhere else.

By BiFi

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20-08-2006, 12:50

snout: about respect... A few years ago I had quite some respect for you and everything you've done. Your recent actions have decreased my respect for you and I don't know how long it will take for you to regain my respect, since AFAIK respect is something that's gotta be earned.

There are two things you seem to mix up:
1. old news: has been online for quite some time. The fact there was no post about it back then doesn't really make it news now.
- The MP3 shitload wolf flooded you with to add to the downloads database has been online on the Infinite site for quite some time until the server that hosted those files crashed.
- You 'spotting' this website which you posted as related to the new OCM was already posted about here.
2. new news: to take your example about a new version of ROMLOAD... with new being the operative word here.

I really don't see a new version of something being 'cucumber period' news.

Hope you got the message.

By Manuel

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20-08-2006, 13:08

Um, guys? What's the point in complaining about new or old news? Does it matter? I don't think it does. As long as we don't get 10 'old news' news posts every day: no problemz here.
It does get a bit annoying to read loads of complains from several people that news isn't news etc. Consider it a reminder?

Of course, news that really *is* news should be posted at higher priority and should not be forgotten. However, since this site is being run by volunteers, I can imagine that they don't have always the time to put new news up within 10 seconds after posting.

So people, please relax and don't take this all too seriously. It's just a nice hobby, folks!

By snout

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20-08-2006, 13:11

Sorry, BiFi... I'm not mixing up anything. It seems you are though.

1. At the MRC we report about -all- additions to the downloads database in order to pay attention to it. Always have done, always will do. Even if Wolf_ floods us with MP3s.

2. I might spot 'old news' from time to time, that is true, but if I, or any other MRC team member, feels it's nice to post about something that has not been posted about (in the news archive, not the forum) before on MRC... I/we post about it. It's as simple as that. So it took me a year before I bumped into those fans. Big deal.

3. You also mistook my ROMLOAD analogy. There were 'cucumber/*yawn*' reactions to -new- releases from Hackurl and Norakomi. I asked you to think about the people who had just released those songs, wondering how you would feel if you had just released something new (like ROMLOAD), MRC would post about it and people would only comment they find the news particularly boring and uninteresting. That behavior is just plain disrespectful, BiFi.

That said, I don't make this website to earn your respect. All I'm asking though is that if you don't respect me, don't bother me with it on the MRC.

By BiFi

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20-08-2006, 13:34

manuel: there's 10 seconds, but there's also over 52 weeks Wink

snout: I didn't post 'cucumber/*yawn*' reactions to those newsposts. I know norakomi is working his brains out to get Space Manbow 2 finished and the music is part of a new game, so why would I go *yawn* on him... It would be hypocrite if ro ends up playing Space Manbow 2 after his *yawn* reaction.

You taking almost a year to spot those fans isn't a big deal if the newspost wouldn't have it refer to the latest edition of the OCM. Fact still remains there was posted about it in the forum.

By snout

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20-08-2006, 13:48

BiFi - to the Wolf_ MP3 post you replied with a "Yep, it's indeed cucumber time". Above, you once again state you feel we should not have posted about these mp3s being added to our downloads database. Where should I read the respect in those comments? Again... "If a newspost doesn't interest you, then at least have the decency to leave the reactions to those who are interested in it"

As for not all news posted on the forum making it to the MRC news (quickly)... well.. I consider the fact that the MRC forum has become too big and active for me to follow every single thread on it to be a good thing. Besides, we do have the 'submit news' feature for a reason though. If you know about news we have not reported about yet, you can either choose to keep it to yourself or to share it with the MSX community.