One Chip MSX goes New York City

by wolf_ on 06-12-2006, 15:37
Topic: MSX Revival

Those few people who know MRC user Poke -1,170 in person will know by now that he usually shows up at the strangest places all around the world due his VJ'ing work. During the recent Blip Festival, which was being held in New York City, Poke met a person from Japan who started talking: "I have latest secret weapon with me from Japan. Do you know MSX? This is One Chip MSX!" This person turned out to be Hally from VORC and D4 Enterprises! Hally gave a cool performance using a liveset made out of two Remake Famicoms and one OCM, and the audience loved it.

A few photos have been made of this particular situation, which can be seen in the reactions.

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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9746)

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06-12-2006, 15:38

Poke -1,170 holding an OCM with Nemesis 2
Hally giving a live performance
Another shot of the OCM

And a fresh bonus! Hally at the Blip Festival!

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1747)

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07-12-2006, 06:33

the OCM playing a tune by naruto

By Latok

msx guru (3640)

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07-12-2006, 12:43

Good stuff, poke! Do you like the OCM? Does it look professional? Or more amateur-ish?

By poke-1,170

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07-12-2006, 19:46

quite professional I think, it's funny seeing the LEDS move in nightrider fashion hehe.
But it's a sturdy thing and quite light too actually.

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1747)

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08-12-2006, 18:45

by the way I did find some new pictures,they were stored on the internal memory.
Better pictures showing the ocm... should I send them wolf ?