One Chip MSX - VHDL projects overview

by snout on 03-12-2006, 15:14
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: RetroPC

With the One Chip MSX hitting the streets in Japan, the first VHDL projects have appeared online:

  • Digital Sound Antiques have released the VHDL source code that is used to mimic the YM2413 (MSX-MUSIC), reporting that an upgraded version is already available which will be distributed by D4E
  • The Z80 core used is the T80 core available at Opencores
  • The Yamaha V9938 VHDL code is dubbed ESE-VDP and can be found on this website, although it might be a slightly outdated version
  • Early editions of the PSG and SCC VHDL can be found at Tsujikawa's ESE-PLD website
  • Last but not least, we spotted Donkey Kong for the One Chip MSX, a project that was developed for the ASCII prototype of the One Chip MSX, but appears to be working on the D4E edition as well

On the One Chip MSX CD-ROM, which is being with the One Chip MSX, the full VHDL source code used to make the One Chip MSX work as it does in its default configuration can be found. This version already incorporates the updated version of the VM2413 VHDL.

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By spl

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03-12-2006, 17:08

Donkey Kong looks great LOL! Good to see projects for the OCM Smile

By cax

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03-12-2006, 18:53

Now we have the VHDL sources, so hardware and emulation gurus probably can look at them and tell us whether they see any bugs in OCM implementation Smile