Software on MSX Magazine CD-ROM announced

by snout on 20-10-2002, 16:45
Topic: MSX Revival

As reported earlier this year, ASCII is going to release a new MSX-magazine, containing information on the history of MSX and a CD-ROM featuring the stand-alone version of MSX PLAYer and some free software. two days ago we found out about the presence of ASCII's MSX Magazine/MSXPLAYer-booth at the WPC Expo where they announced that this magazine is to be released in december this year.

Today, Retro PC published a list of software which will be on this CD-ROM. Here is a translated list:

ASCII: Castle, Castle Excellent, Bokosuka, Theseus, Mr. Chin, Rise out, Trial Skiing, Red Zone and others.
Game Arts: Thexder, Firehawk
Bit2: Famicle parodic, Quinpl
Falcom: YS1, YS2 and YS3

We are not sure whether this list is complete or that other titles may be added later.