Amadeus Player

by wolf_ on 18-08-2012, 18:25
Topic: Music
Tags: PSG

More than a week ago we reported about Robomidi, and it seems that this trip down memory lane inspired its creator to uncover more old projects. Robosoft just sent us Amadeus Player, a commandline PSG (AY-3-8912) music replayer for ZX spectrum 128+ Amadeus files.

This program was an unfinished Robosoft project. Recently, the source code and songs were found on a crashed but recovered 40 MB SCSI harddrive. The original code dates back all the way to 1996, so it's old.. it was a time when MSX activity was gradually decreasing towards a time, often labelled 'the silent years'. And now, sixteen years later it's here again. To use it, simply type: roboamad < filename.ama >.

If you have freeware MSX software or MSX(-related) media for our ever growing downloads section, you know where to find us - we'll make sure your contribution finds a way to an audience it deserves!

Relevant link: Amadeus Player

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20-08-2012, 19:43

Any tracker for PC and sourecs for the msx player?