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by wolf_ on 20-11-2007, 23:47
Topic: Music

It's been a while, but the website dedicated to MSX music has finally been updated again. This time, the MSX2 game Nyancle Racing, released in 1988 by BIT2, has been added to the bgMSX database of currently 1942 songs.

Relevant link: bgMSX

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By AuroraMSX

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21-11-2007, 00:29

1942 songs :P

By JohnHassink

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21-11-2007, 02:56

Yeah, unfortunately fate didn't provide for 1942's first track being the 1942nd song on bgMSX... Tongue

It's one of the few Capcom games I know, by the way, with (IMHO) rather uninteresting sound.

But, Nyancle Racing, nice! I hope more Bit2 music will be added in the future.

Site's still slowish (on my browser, anyway), but hey, I shouldn't complain, it's free and it works! Smile

(Although embedding the HTML into other sites doesn't seem to work here...)

By konamiman

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21-11-2007, 19:05

The site is slow because it has TONS of grahpics, TONS of Javascript, and poor HTML. This moron should do a serious cleanup and achieve a more light and standards compliant site. Saver, trust your leader, redo your site! Smile