JigSaw 070601

by boukichi on 07-06-2007, 12:18
Topic: Music

Shortly after releasing Moondriver, the Japanese coder Boukichi has released another interesting tool. JigSaw is a program that plays music composed in MML on the Yamaha OPM (YM2151) chipset as used in the Yamaha SFG-01/SFG-05 hardware extensions. You can download the initial version from Boukichi's blog.

Relevant link: Boukichi's blog

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By Manuel

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07-06-2007, 18:54

Cool! This is quite original Smile

Now for a more interesting demo song Smile

By naruto

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21-09-2007, 11:04

JigSaw and OPM RULEZ!!!

and my first JigSaw demo-song is here :
(MP3) http://www.rootnyanplus.com/user/naruto/binary/mp3/JIG000.MP3
(MML+JIG) http://www.rootnyanplus.com/user/naruto/binary/JIG000.ZIP

By Huey

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21-09-2007, 13:32

@naruto: Sound increddibly good! Nice song.

By naruto

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26-09-2007, 13:55

thanks very much Huey!
i adjusted sound parameters (especially DT2) to express the feature of OPM.