Kou151's MSX flavored tracks

by snout on 21-07-2011, 16:35
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Source: Twitter

A small notice on twitter pointed us to the website of Kou151, a Japanese musician and GFX artist with a taste for retro gaming. In the music corner of his website, we found a large collection of MSX related mp3 files. Nice arrangements from such games as YS II - The Final Chapter, Xak - The Art of Visual Stage and Shalom (Knightmare III). Apart from all those recordings of MSX/retrogaming related MIDI-arrangements, you can also listen to this mp3 recording, which is an SCC+OPLL arrangement of the Final Battle tune from Ancient YS Vanished Omen composed in the popular Japanese MML utility MuSiCa. This track, originally composed by Yuzo Koshiro, can only be found in the FM 77 AV and Windows version of the game. Well worth listening to!

Relevant link: Kou151's website

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27-07-2011, 16:39

Good stuff...