MSX Radio renewal

by Omega on 18-07-2006, 00:56
Topic: Music

It has been a while since the latest update, but now MSX Radio is back with an all new format: 64kbps mp3PRO (better quality), new DMCA compliant playlist (no more live365 membership required) and new tracks. Have fun!

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By snout

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18-07-2006, 13:41

yay! good to see MSX Radio back in action!

By wolf_

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18-07-2006, 23:42

No membership required? In the afternoon I played it for hours.. now trying again I get nothing but a vibraphone and some geek talking about reminders about free membership etc. ._.

By Omega

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19-07-2006, 00:16

It should just work without membership. There are annoying ads however, but bear with them. They are not so often. It's just that I dont have a better alternative to Live365...

By [DK]

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19-07-2006, 09:53

Absolutely great Omega! Thanks big dude! Wink

By Omega

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19-07-2006, 19:33

And btw, forget to mention: MSX Radio was first launched on July 17th, 2001

HENCE it's the 5 year aniversary of MSX Radio! Tongue Big smile

By Omega

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19-07-2006, 20:31

Wolf: I think I know what happened to you, the station was temporarily maxxed out (max nr of listeners) probably because of the newspost @ mrc.
The term 'slashdotted' comes to mind.. Big smile

By boblet

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25-07-2006, 21:07

nah what happened to wofl happened to me

it randomly does the "use your premium login" thing instead of the other adverts

at least it works for free with perseverence