We don't regularly report about things people have uploaded to Youtube because there is a Youtube bar on the website which displays some Youtube clips with tags which are relevant to what's being displayed on the page you're at. Sometimes those "rules" are broken because of the high quality of the content. One always returning example are the Strafefox reviews. The second example is TheMysteryStudios.

A few months ago he started uploading his first remake to Youtube and the MRC newshunters instantly ran into it. "This is too good to be left unnoticed", the lucky finder shouted. Lucky for us, the MSX scene, Manuel Uhl, the man behind TheMysteryStudios, didn't quit after that upload. In fact he released new remakes on a regular basis and as a cherry on a pie he decided to upload some of his work to us in MP3 format. No less than seven quality tracks have been added to our ever growing download database and the MSX Music player to the right of the screen.

Here is the list of the brand new musical pearls in our download database:

If you want to listen to all of them via our music player in the bar on the right side of the site, remember that you can use the looking glass icon to search for The Mystery Studios, making it list just the songs by this artist.

Our download database contains over 1.100 different free MSX downloads. If you have created MSX software or any songs like this which can be freely redistributed, please do share it with the visitors of the MSX Resource Center by submitting it to our downloads database. Maybe next month your software or music will grace the top 10 charts!

Comments (3)

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1802)

Jorito's picture

04-01-2013, 16:38

I forgot I shouted "This is too good to be left unnoticed", me being the lucky finder Tongue

Anyways, great to also have them in our downloads database. I hope he keeps up the work and remakes some more tunez!

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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06-01-2013, 16:09

That are indeed some great remakes, good to have them available as mp3! I like the liberty TheMysteryStudios took in rearranging these songs, the improvisations really add a personal touch to it. Nice!


Paladin (864)

WORP3's picture

06-01-2013, 19:46

Very nicely done !
Also very nicely mixed, it got a real professional feel to it Smile2