New playlist MSX Radio

by Latok on 28-11-2003, 12:05
Topic: Music

Over the last months, MSX Resource Center has organised massive MSX game song polls. The climax of this megapoll has to be reached still: you can vote on the frontpage for your most favourite MSX game tune.

The MSX game song polls have been done in close co-operation with Omega's MSX Radio. During the megapoll, this MSX radio station altered his playlists and broadcasted the nominees of the megapoll, so that everyone could make up his mind which song is the best.

The megapoll is now almost over and MSX Radio has returned to its original playlists. OmegaMSX did quite some updates, the station now has even more great MSX tunes such as SCC songs from The Snatcher Joint Disk, arrangements by J-War and Wolf and the theme from the WOEI demo.

We thank OmegaMSX for his co-operation and we encourage everyone to start listening to MSX Radio.