SCC Musix Dizc #1 - 2022 Re-issue

SCC Musix Dizc #1 - 2022 Re-issue

by JohnHassink on 08-11-2022, 20:45
Topic: Music

The legendary MSX group Fuzzy Logic pulls a hat-trick with the release of a heavily refurbished and souped up version of their classic SCC Musix Dizc #1. It comes crashing into the scene right on the mark of its 30th anniversary.

To put things into context, here's a little nugget of European MSX history. The '90s were the highlights of the Dutch scene considering "music disks". Several groups were competing against - as well as inspiring - each other, creating and releasing many of this type of demo disks.

Typically, these interactive pieces of software would, at the core, consist of a menu that allowed the user to browse through a collection of home-baked tunes - own compositions as well as arrangements of popular game music.
Most of us who recollect this glorious era will reminisce the sound of in particular "MSX-Audio" (usually performed by a then-common Philips Music Module), or, "MB-Stereo" (a tandem of MSX-Audio and MSX-Music played simultaneously). However, this here is a different beast, as it supports SCC, in lieu of the, at the time not yet downtrodden MB-Stereo paths.

The year was 1992. Using the only serious SCC application available to 'Westerners' at the time, being SCC-Musixx, Hans Cnossen a.k.a. "Kid Cnoz" of Pumpkin Adventure III fame, crafted quite the heap of well-made SCC tunes. Of these creations, a total of 25 songs ended up on the roster. As per music demo disk tradition, it was a merry mix of own work as well as renditions of Konami favourites, ditties from the soundtrack of the second Turrican game, a little dash of Alan Parsons Project and even re-imaginings of Christmas carols, because why not. It should be noted that, while SCC-Musixx did not support the PSG channels, the results that mister Cnossen wrought out of those 'mere' 5 SCC channels are more than entertaining.

So, now it's exactly 30 years later, and we're in for a treat! Since the demo's inception, the lead coder of the disk had been toying in his mind with ideas to meet more contemporary hardware possibilities such as HD and SD devices. Converting the sector-based storage of the original software to loose files, he finally succeeded in making it more harddisk-friendly.

Inspired by this innovation, the guys who used to be at Fuzzy Logic, in their wisdom, decided to re-issue this interesting piece of Dutch MSX scene history as SMD1.2022. Not only does this re-issue pack another 15 songs, previously unpublished, but the menus have been greatly improved to be more user friendly including auto-play as a new feature. The icing on the cake is a revamped graphical outlook. Also, for those interested - the text file in the package will provide more in-depth information about the history and technical specifications of this work of art.

Well, without further ado, we at the MSX Resource Center hope that you will enjoy this offering as much as we did!

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Relevant link: SMD1.2022 online at the File Hunter
Relevant link: Video footage of SMD1.2022 at Frank MSX demos channel

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  • SCC Musix Dizc #1 - 2022 Re-issue
  • SCC Musix Dizc #1 - 2022 Re-issue

Comments (17)

By msd

Paragon (1533)

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08-11-2022, 21:28

Great! Congrats on this release ro!

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10158)

wolf_'s picture

08-11-2022, 21:46

You screwed-up some titles again, did ya, ro? Wink

By tfh

Prophet (3493)

tfh's picture

08-11-2022, 21:54

Hehehe, inded... It's SCC-Musixx with XX... For XXX-material you have some other websites.
BTW, if you want to try SCC-MUSIXX yourself, you have try it HERE.

For the rest: Congratulations on your release. It nice to hear those old tracks, but also some new SCC tracks. And now we can even run it from a file-system! :) Thanks!

By Manuel

Ascended (19817)

Manuel's picture

08-11-2022, 23:25

Congratulations! I will check this out soon.

By ToriHino

Paladin (959)

ToriHino's picture

09-11-2022, 00:20

Nice! Great work indeed. Cool

By selios2000

Hero (598)

selios2000's picture

09-11-2022, 13:37

Those tunes are legendary.

By selios2000

Hero (598)

selios2000's picture

09-11-2022, 18:12

Does not work with Zemmix Neo. Goes to Basic.

By Robosoft

Expert (117)

Robosoft's picture

09-11-2022, 18:31

Great music! As by coincidence I recently found the original disk from the 90s. Still works!

By meits

Scribe (6583)

meits's picture

09-11-2022, 22:19

great stuff

By FiXato

Scribe (1743)

FiXato's picture

09-11-2022, 22:45

Fixed the SCC-Musixx(x) typo Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (19817)

Manuel's picture

09-11-2022, 23:21

A bit of a pity the file is in rar format. With zip it's easier to extract on real MSX Tongue

By Manuel

Ascended (19817)

Manuel's picture

09-11-2022, 23:24

It's also a pity that FRANKDEMOS is still using blueMSX to record demos Tongue

By Manuel

Ascended (19817)

Manuel's picture

09-11-2022, 23:39

Ideas for the next update: convert songs to TriloTracker and add PSG drums Tongue (I never really cared to much for SCC Musixx songs because they (almost) all lack percussion...) Still, Cnoz is awesome, I love his FM songs. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

So, is there somewhere to be found which songs are the new songs, besides comparing with the original release?

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5696)

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10-11-2022, 00:47

Manuel wrote:

So, is there somewhere to be found which songs are the new songs, besides comparing with the original release?

This release has 8 'pages', or "song blocks", as they were called in the original release.
It used to have 5, so the last 3 pages contain new songs. Smile
Though it should be noted that some of them were released earlier on some Sunrise Picture Disks, IIRC.

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1784)

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10-11-2022, 16:18

that second turrican tune certainly comes close to the original!

By Gradius2

Hero (661)

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03-12-2022, 22:10

Thanks for the online version.

By Hydragon

Paladin (751)

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04-01-2023, 06:15

To get it to work with Megaflashrom, use EMUFILE.COM and when you reset the MSX make sure you go to MFR's settings (cursor up) and disable ram expansion, else you won't be able to hear a thing.
Well that's just to get SCC to work, when you hit the spacebar to get to the next part, it freezes on the loading screen.

Specs of my MSX ( not emulation!!)
Tested on a Philips NMS8245 (MSX2) with MFR 512K SCC+ (1sd slot ) and slotexpander with Darky, panasoft fmpac, philips music module and dal so ri r2.