Twinbee enddemo by Hackurl

by snout on 14-08-2006, 00:11
Topic: Music

The Japanese chiptune composer Hackurl has released yet another MSX flavored music remake. This time, he made an SCC version of the enddemo BGM of Konami's shoot'em-up Twinbee.

Relevant link: Twinbee enddemo by Hackurl

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By BiFi

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14-08-2006, 07:36

He makes great tunes, though I'm not really sure this should be in the MSX-Revival topic... Seems more like a Music topic to me.

By Latok

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14-08-2006, 09:48

Thx BiFi, fixed Smile

By ro

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14-08-2006, 15:49

tomatoes anyone?
nice tune Smile