VGM page added to the download database

VGM page added to the download database

by Meits on 30-11-2019, 20:18
Topic: Music
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Way back when there were several incompatible home- and gamecomputer platforms everything generated on computer A was bound to it and impossible to play back on computer B. Since there is emulation a lot of platforms can be emulated. For purists this will not be enough to play back the music they want to hear. They will demand play back on the real hardware. Check out Scenecat's Twitch channel for some nice example videos.

Especially for those chip tune lovers the VGM format was a gift of a magnitude most mortal beings will never be able to understand. But let's be fair: That's their loss and our joy.

A VGM file can be played back on each computer that is able to handle the format. Having the originally used sound chips on board only adds to the joy. And with quite a broad scala of used sound chips available (and in the pipeline) for MSX we're very blessed to have a guy like Grauw in our scene who coded his very popular VGMplay. And don't forget guys like Omega and Supersoniqs who produce musical cartridges to be used with VGMplay. One might wonder if Grauw had foreseen what box of Pandora he opened when he started this quest.

Just lately MRC user sdsnatcher73 couldn't resist the urge to create MSX VGM files any longer and started uploading them on a high frequency. He was asked what his thoughts were to host them here in the downloads database. He liked the idea and now it's reality.

If you have some self made VGM packs or files or are triggered to start making them, please share them with the rest of the community and submit them as a download. Have a lot of fun with listening to what's already there.

Relevant link: MSX-VGM download page

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By hamlet

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30-11-2019, 21:13

What a nice place to stay for a long winter evening!

By ToriHino

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01-12-2019, 21:05

Good news, and already quite the collection!

By Meits

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02-12-2019, 13:44

I couldn't resist.

By ToriHino

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02-12-2019, 20:04


Nice, more food for the OPM Smile

By da_Dude

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07-12-2019, 15:25

Here is another upload from my updated 4GB VGM SDcard i have in my MFR.

These are all *.VGM files so a 'normal' MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ with VGMplay will run these without waiting for gunzip to unpack them before playing. I also removed all m3u/png files, and ofcourse I do keep the original Untouched VGMpacks in their *.VGZ format on PC.

You can Write this *.IMG to a 4gb SDcard using Win32DiskImager, or just unpack it with 7zip to a destination of choice and copy the content to whereever you'd like it.

The 'submssns'-folder contains fresh Submissions on VGMrips site/forum, but haven't been added to it's
database yet. these are actually the files recently added to this Database.

Note: to keep this SDcard mostly with content from and alike, i keep removing stuff from the Scene folder to make more free space for updates from those sources. Ofcourse i move these to other partition on my 32GB MFR SDcard.





By niek

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14-12-2019, 20:17

I'm working on an improved version of my vgmplay-js, if finished it could be a nice addition to the downloads page; just play the vgm in your browser.