We have just added four pictures to the Miscellaneous photoshoots section, sent by Flyguille, the coder of MNBIOS, on a retro meeting which was held on the 30th of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you have any pictures you'd like to share with the MSX community, send them to photoshoots@msx.org and we'll add them to the ever growing Photo Shoots section, where you can find more than 1000 pictures taken on MSX fairs and meetings all over the world.

Relevant link: MSX Photoshoots

Comments (3)

By flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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02-08-2004, 21:37

i not taken any picture, that was taken by a member of the clubmsx.com.ar

i just submit it....

By Sander

Founder (1867)

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03-08-2004, 23:09

Hopefully you got permission...

By flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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04-08-2004, 15:25