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It's been several years since we reported about and it's finally here! After a long period of hard work and a previous MSX2 remake, now it is the turn of La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) for Windows, Linux and Mac. Manuel Pazos (programming), Daniel Celemín (graphics) and David Cañadas (music) bring us this excellent remake based on the old gem from the 80's. For further information or comments, please follow the recent opened thread from our forums. Enjoy!

Relevant link: La Abadia del Crimen Extensum

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  • La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) released
  • La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) released
  • La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) released
  • La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) released

Comments (11)

By JohnHassink

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31-03-2016, 01:43

It looks absolutely great! I never played the original game, and I guess I missed out, but my Spanish isn't that good. This version can be played in English too. There's not really an excuse not to try it. Smile

By Guillian

Prophet (3528)

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31-03-2016, 09:17

Thanks John! If you liked "The name of the rose" film and/or novel, probably you will enjoy the game Wink

By Grauw

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31-03-2016, 10:01

It really looks marvellous!

By Creepy

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31-03-2016, 14:45

The MSX 2 (color) remake also has an English translation, so if you want to play it on your beloved MSX, you can.. Kudos for this Java version though. Very cool.

By Guillian

Prophet (3528)

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31-03-2016, 20:43

Thanks mates!

By Manuel

Ascended (19676)

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31-03-2016, 22:09

I tried the game, but it appears in a very tiny window at the top left of my 1920x1200 screen... OK, toggling full screen back and forth helped Smile

The music and sounds are really great. The graphics are great for an MSX2 game, but why not also upgrade that to modern?

Did I understand correctly that the author of the original game was also involved in this remake?

My problem with this game is that I'm always completely confused by the camera switches and I keep walking in the wrong direction getting totally lost :S Still, for MSX era, this game is really really advanced. I loved it when the MSX2 remake came out Smile

By spacemoai1973

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31-03-2016, 21:58

How run you this on megaflashromsSCC.?

By Guillian

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01-04-2016, 00:13

@manuel: we wanted to keep a pixelart style. There were other remakes in 3D, never finished, with realistics graphics. But we focused in keeping the spirit of the original game, but improving the story, graphics, sounds, controls...

Juan Delcan, the one how designed the graphics and the abbey, made a painting for the ending scene. He is living in USA and works as creative making TV spots. He also made the video proyections for U2 Vertigo Tour.
Some of his work:

Juan had the idea of using camera switches, like in a film (he was inspired by "The third man" film). After playing a bit you will get used to it.

@spacemoai1973: I'm afraid that you will need Java in you MSX in order to run it :RNFF:

By Kai Magazine

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02-04-2016, 16:43

Really spectacular work! in all aspects, admosphere, music, mantaining the old school spirit while showing high color depth graphics, the lots of addons in the story... Everything.
Congratulations! a really really impressive work.

Question 1:
Is there a chance for a Gfx9000 version Smile

question 2:
Did you guys thouht of doing something similar to this, but with an original story, name and characters, so you can comercialize it?
With your skills level you could/should make something comercial as well (IMHO)

By Guillian

Prophet (3528)

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02-04-2016, 20:24

Thanks a lot Kai!
1) No, sorry ^^!
2) Yes, we thought about. Perhaps in a future we will make an orignal game.

By riquet

Master (201)

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19-04-2016, 09:28

Amazing ! I agree with Kai, a gfx9000 version will be welcome LOL!