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As there are a lot of similarities between MSX and ColecoVision, throughout the years, several popular ColecoVision games were converted to MSX. GDX has just added another Coleco Conversion to the list: 2010: The Graphic Action Game. The game is based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel 2010: Odyssey Two and its movie 2010: The year we make contact.  

The conversion is based on the Mission Colecovision emulator for MSX and features some nice improvements such as SCC sound by default and improved support for keyboard and joysticks. More information and some screenshots can be found here.  

Relevant link: 2010 - The Graphic Action Game

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By Manuel

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13-11-2011, 12:35

Heh, I almost missed this post. Anyway, I checked out this game, but I have no idea what the purpose is... manual anyone?

By mars2000you

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13-11-2011, 16:55

By jltursan

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13-11-2011, 22:49

I don't fully understand the phrase "The conversion is based on the Mission Colecovision emulator for MSX", does it means that the game is really converted from the original code to MSX or is based on the Mission emulator itself and it's some kind of an interpreted/emulated game?