Bargain 5.50

by snout on 27-01-2008, 14:59
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A new version of Bargain, a lossless image compression/decompression toolkit for MSX was released today. The toolkit claims to achieve impressive results in both compression ratio and decompression speed. New in this version:

  • Adapted source code for compilation with SjASM
  • Drastically optimized source code
  • Changed interface

Relevant link: Bargain website

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By snout

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27-01-2008, 14:59

Just wondering... how does Bargain do compared to, e.g. Pletter and Bitbuster?

By [D-Tail]

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27-01-2008, 19:52

Of course this is just theory, but I'd expect an image compression tool having better performance on images than generic compression tools - data specific heuristics are usually put into the compression algorithm. Some accurate figures on this would be nice though Wink