Battle Bomber 1.0 added to downloads

by wolf_ on 14-12-2010, 00:22
Topic: Software

We just added Battle Bomber to our ever growing freeware downloads database. GNF, from BitBoyz, is one of the long time MSX coders in the Dutch scene who still happens to be reasonably active. You can usually spot him during recent Nijmegen fairs where you can talk a fair bit worth of daring plans and hot gossip out of him. Together with Stephan Vinkenborg he made a Bomberman clone for MSX2 with Graphics9000 and Moonsound (sfx), and declared it freeware in 2005. Go try it, it's da bomb!

Relevant link: Battle Bomber 1.0

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By wolf_

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14-12-2010, 00:39

..and let's not forget that GNF's a tasty victim for netset, together with Sonic_aka_T and some others.. ^^

By edoz

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14-12-2010, 19:02

Realy cool game .. to bad there are not more games for GFX9000