Bitwise announce new Shockware software

by wolf_ on 17-01-2008, 15:47
Topic: Software

In anticipation to the MSX Fair Nijmegen 2008, Bitwise have announced that they again have a new Shockware title to release on the fair: Malaika, the smooth-scrolling platform game for MSX1 by Karoshi Corporation.

The game will go on sale on the MSX fair, January 19th 2008. In the meantime, you can place your orders here, they will be processed as of January 19th. Also new on the order form is Jungle Hunt. If you wish to obtain this game, simply fill in the order field, and Bitwise will get in contact with you. Unfortunately there's a limited stock per game, and it may take a while before the stock is renewed. To make sure you get your hands on one of their games, visit the MSX fair in Nijmegen.

Relevant link: Bitwise

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By sunrise

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17-01-2008, 23:34

No Face Off ?

By Yukio

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17-01-2008, 23:45

What is a "FACE OFF"?
Is this supposed to mean something ???

By sunrise

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17-01-2008, 23:49

No, on the contrary. See the Matra page it costs 25 euro ,if it is specific msx I donot know

By Yukio

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18-01-2008, 00:03

Ahh ... that "game" with a lot of faces, Is this like the ones from Disney?
The MSX 'developer sites' seems to be VERY Bizarros.

GROW game.
Particularly, I prefer the SPY type of game.The one that each character is face-off and can blow a type of enemy, for example mines can't move but their will explode when someone try to conquer (pass trough) them! Airplanes could fly, there is tanks ... This game was ported to MSX2 computers. GUNJIN ,MSX-FAN DISK MAGAZINE gave a (compressed) copy of this game.

Another nice game is Akanble Dragon

I wanted the old "OVERSCAN" sport games, don't know where to find them ...

By JohnHassink

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18-01-2008, 12:35

Thanks Yukio.


I was looking for that game name for a long time!

I know the concept as "Stratego".

By SLotman

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18-01-2008, 14:36

Marcelo Silveira did that game for MSX... here on Brazil is known as "Cara a Cara": :D