Bomb Jack for MSX1 patch

by hap on 28-09-2008, 22:53
Topic: Software

Since the SG-1000 and ColecoVision hardware is similar to that of the MSX, converting games from these systems to MSX doesn't cost too much effort. One very particular SG-1000 game is Sega's SG-1000 console port of Bomb Jack. Four years ago, SLotman ported this game to MSX and the Spanish group Kralizec released an MSX2 version around that same time. Now, hap, known for his excellent meisei MSX emulator, released an IPS patch for the original SG-1000 ROM for you to play on your MSX!

Relevant link: hap's stuff

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By hap

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28-09-2008, 23:24

The reason I've redone a game SLotman already converted is because his version unfortunately has broken sound.

By viejo_archivero

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29-09-2008, 07:39

Nice, hap!! Big smileBig smile


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30-09-2008, 23:54

Well, now i'd like to have the original ROM....

By spl

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02-10-2008, 09:17

ARTRAG... here just join this words 3 W PLANET EMU DOT NET, in Master System .