Campanera by Physical Dreams

Campanera by Physical Dreams

by ro on 27-09-2022, 08:48
Topic: Software

Spanish software publisher Physical Dreams releases its latest MSX game called Campanera - Jozelito's adventure, a platform adventure with RPG influences. It will be available as a physical cartridge, boxed and all. Reservations intake for this MSX1 exclusive has started.

The last few years have been gentle to MSX game lovers as there's plenty of new games available from various software developers. One of them being Physical Dreams, located in Spain and very consistent in delivering good quality MSX1 games. Their first game, Venganza, is just a few years old. Since then, they've released one game after another. And all featuring distinctive graphics, both in-game as well as the cover art. Their latest game is Campanera.

The game is a humorous tribute to the 50's movie Campanera. The bell ringer, with Jozelito the child-singer as the main character in this game. Several other characters from the era of Spanish cinema also appear. The game is a mix of platformer, adventure mixed with RPG elements. All this with shiny graphics, mesmerizing PSG tunes and smooth game-play, packed together in exceptional cover art. In fact, the cover art is a hallmark for Physical Dreams as every publication contains some top-notch art work. Campanera is no exception.

The product is presented as a physical cartridge with full color sticker, box cover and ditto additional paperwork. The game is accompanied with an extra inlay containing a cartoon about Campanera, beautifully drawn by the author himself. If you've seen previous Physical Dreams work, you know what to expect. The game is playable in both English and Spanish language, as most of their games are.

Reservations for Campanera have just begun, ensuring a copy of this new adventure is as easy as writing an e-mail to Physical Dreams. For about 30 € it's yours.

Relevant link: Physical Dreams - Facebook
Relevant link: Video of Campanera

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By Pentarou

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27-09-2022, 19:04

Lol! アストロガンガー traced art:

By Salguero

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27-09-2022, 21:03

Hello! I have taken references from some styles in animals and the character's face, without actually tracing, since I saw that he had a resemblance to the actor Joselito, but if you put one next to the other you can see that it is not a tracing. Manga is not my style, and I have taken these references. All the best.

By albertuss1975

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27-09-2022, 21:25

Pues yo no veo ninguna calca,solo veo un estilo manga,ni los ojos son iguales ni la boca tampoco y la cara de uno es mas adulto que otro,yo lo que veo son ganas de criticar antes de que salga un juego a la venta y ganas de joder a los programadores.Es un trabajo de 10 en caratula,manual y cartucho.

By hardwaremaker

Master (247)

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27-09-2022, 21:49

There's a thing called art references. It's something that exists in many artistic disciplines such as photography, painting, cinema...
But it's easier to destroy the work of others, especially from ignorance.
If you don't like it, it's very simple, don't buy it, but don't try to destroy the promotion of the game from day one.
And above all, if you think you can do something better, just DO IT.
With love, Pentarou Wink

By Over Wiz

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27-09-2022, 22:43

tracing?? really?? Pentarou, have you seen the game? did you play it? obviously not. Yes, I have, I have played it many times, I am one of the beta testers, and I assure you that it does not copy anything, it is a tribute to Joselito's films and other film and television characters of that time, there are other developers who download images from the internet to his games... not the case of Salguero who draws everything by himself, programs, invents, innovates... in a word: he creates. do not confuse with copying, it is creating. As you have already been told, first watch at least a bit of gameplay before criticizing absurdly and if you don't like it, don't buy it, but save yourself your derogatory and out of place comments because they don't interest anyone.

By Pentarou

Hero (563)

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27-09-2022, 22:54

@Salguero: Ok, my bad I didn't know the subtle differences between traced, copied and "referenced" art. Tongue
As soon as I saw the picture it reminded me of early Tatsunoko's stuff, but then I remembered that old anime.
And BTW, I don't care if you copied a promo picture from a VERY obscure 70's anime, I just found it funny.

@hardwaremaker: Did someone rattle your cage?

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

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27-09-2022, 23:45

Okay, let's be nice. Tongue
Hey, this Campanera thing is interesting.
Is this song related to it? I find it a very pretty song.
Can it, culturally, be compared to the Dutch classic (based on 2 books of 3) Ciske de Rat (Ciske The Rat)?
Well, maybe not, as he seems to be a bellboy? Perhaps more comparable to Abeltje, then.

The YouTube footage seems as we're used to from Physical Dreams productions; very stylish, slick and smoothly moving. Looks good for being an MSX1 game, also. Good show! :)
A pity only, that we don't hear what the music of the game itself sounds like.

By hardwaremaker

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27-09-2022, 23:59

@Pentarou: Remember, just DO IT Wink

By Salguero

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28-09-2022, 08:15

@Pentarou the reference is to the child's head, looking up, and the hair. Then the eyes and the face are not the same.
And then there is the composition of the image, which is totally different.
I think that before accusing you of tracing, you should see that my new work is being promoted, which has been many hours of development, and that except for the music, I do everything myself.
Greetings and I hope everything goes well.

@JohnHassink, Hi!! CAMPANERA is a pasodoble, a Spanish music genre, which is usually danced in verbenas. The title of the song has been taken as the title of the game as a tribute, but it has nothing to do with the history of the game with that of the song. CAMPANERA is Joselito's best-known song, which is why he took the title. I am very happy to read these beautiful words you say about my new game. It is a real pleasure to receive such compliments, friend! On Facebook there are videos with the real music of the game. I hope you like it!!
A big hug and greetings, John!!

By ToriHino

Paladin (927)

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28-09-2022, 14:06

Again a great release, which shows the same high standard as seen earlier by Physical Dreams. Well done! Big smile

By sdsnatcher73

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28-09-2022, 14:08

The game is only in Spanish?

By ro

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28-09-2022, 14:30

..I know real man don't read.
so tldr; "The game is playable in both English and Spanish language, as most of their games are."

By Salguero

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28-09-2022, 14:31

@ToriHino Many thanks!!

SDSnatcher73 The game is also available in English.Thanks!

By thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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30-09-2022, 13:35

And if there are enough request (10 copies), as always I'll translate it in Italian for my friend Wink

By Salguero

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03-10-2022, 08:10

@TheGeps Great my friend Geppo!!!

By Salamander89

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03-11-2022, 14:42

I don't want to put more fire on the discussion, so I've overprinted and escaled both pictures

I will not judge.