Deltasoft CompactFlash patches and Findit hint

by snout on 20-08-2006, 14:37
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Source: comp.sys.msx

Deltasoft have updated their website, adding a patch created by BiFi that makes it possible to run the following Deltasoft titles from CompactFlash:

  • Lucky Luke demo
  • Mega Demo 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Mega Demo 4 promo
  • Michael Jackson demo
  • Nemesis 2 Scc demo
  • Thunderbirds are go promo

Furthermore their game tips section was updated with the solution to level 4 of Findit.

Relevant link: Deltasoft

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By roadfighter

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20-08-2021, 10:34

Old link does not work anymore !!

new link : Deltasoft