Disk-Manager 0.12

by hap on 03-07-2008, 13:50
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Rudolf Lechleitner's Disk-Manager has been updated. Disk-Manager, a tool for Windows, is designed to maintain disk-images for MSX-Emulators and other systems.

Relevant link: Disk-Manager 0.12

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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03-07-2008, 16:05

this is a great program for users who actually still use real MSXes

By ro

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03-07-2008, 16:11

cool... so, euh. what's new besides it now uses an installer??

By wolf_

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03-07-2008, 16:14

beats me.. a secret photo of Sav in the executable? Tongue

By Samor

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03-07-2008, 18:50

it's not just handy for real msx users, though... also for emu users Smile

By konamiman

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04-07-2008, 09:51

The recurring FYI: In Linux it is enough to do "mount -o loop diskimage.dsk /mnt/dskimage" (changing as appropriate the file and directory name of course).


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04-07-2008, 17:59

Is there any disk manager or disk explorer able to display the BASIC files into the disks ?
I know it exists, but where ?

By Samor

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05-07-2008, 01:30

this one should, or otherwise you can extract the file, then open it and read it.... if it's saved with ",A".

By AxelF

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02-09-2016, 19:53

Reason for bumping this topic is to let you know the newest version is
•Disk-Manager, v0.15 (2015-12-23)

This tool is GREAT