Eggbert goes Wii

by wolf_ on 20-05-2008, 00:51
Topic: Software

IGN reports that the game Toki Tori by Dutch game developers Two Tribes is now available for Nintendo's Wii. This name Toki Tori may not mean much to you, but it's essentially Fony's Eggbert game!

Relevant link: IGN

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By Ivan

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20-05-2008, 19:51

It would be nice to see this game (I'm referring to Eggbert, of course) on cartridge!

By mth

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22-05-2008, 00:49

I just bought the Wii version and it is very well polished. I like the dual control scheme: you can point somewhere and Toki Tori will find his own way there, or you can use the nunchunk and guide him there in the old-school way. I've only played a couple of levels yet, but I find that I prefer the direct control of the nunchunk with tricky situations, while I prefer the point-and-click way for doing large but simple routes.

By Gakubuchi

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31-05-2008, 10:07

I've also bought the game! It is very nice! Well polished and addictive, just like Eggbert was! Tongue
About the control, I prefer using the classic gamepad! It feels more old-school.

By tfh

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20-05-2017, 15:33

ROFL... Memories Smile I still have the GBC version of Toki Tori on cartridge. Aslo bought the WIndows Mobile version a long time ago. The same goes for the Wii version and later both versions on the WiiU. But I can't play it anymore since I sold all those machines and haven't bought it on the PS4 (yet...)
I liked Toki Tory 1 better though. Never got into the 2(+) version.

These days I only play the MSX version:

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