Game in development by Rabbit Soft Worker's

by snout on 20-06-2011, 23:26
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Japanse MSX developer Rabbit Soft Worker's, responsible for games such as Moonlight Rhapsody and Ghost Buster, is working on a new creation which will be called "Secret Design of the Hearts - Dream Drops". On his YouTube channel, a video has been added which showcases it.

Relevant link: YouTube - Secret Design of the Hearts

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By syn

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22-06-2011, 10:46

I saw that one a few days ago, I thought it was a mislabeled neo-geo game (because of the 4 credits on both players) Wink

By pitpan

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22-06-2011, 19:51

Looks great indeed! I'd love to see the ingame though. Is it BASIC?

By au_usagi

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27-08-2012, 10:47

Everyone has got to wait a long time.
This software was finally completed.
Since the publication as a trial, I want to download and try.

If you've any comments, suggestions and feedback, I want to send to the author.

Thank you!!

By Meits

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27-08-2012, 15:25

Would be nice if the game was in English... Makes it a lot more attractive outside Japan Wink

By JohnHassink

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27-08-2012, 20:03

What a nice graphical style! Very cute.

By Manuel

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27-08-2012, 22:54

Yeah, great style! Very polished.

By Manuel

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20-06-2018, 09:12

Does someone know what happened to this game?

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