Hans' Adventure - physical release

by JohnHassink on 22-06-2011, 02:10
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Source: Konamito

Only recently we reported about MSXdev'10 entry QBIQS finding its way to substantial life through the MSX Cartridge Shop. Today, we can look forward to another 'dev entry from the same edition planned to be released in September by Gamer Freaks. This time it's Hans' Adventure by The Pets Mode, as those fortunate enough to have attended this year's MSX-RU meeting may already have witnessed. For starts, a number of 30 units will be produced. Anyway, this just goes to show once more, that MSX development is alive and kicking, and so - your retro brainchild finding its way to the factories is a dream which can come true, even in this age of postmodern computing.

Relevant link: The Pets Mode

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By Huey

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22-06-2011, 10:30

29,95 €

Is that correct? Or did I mis-read is on the PSP (PetShop Page).