Inferno announced

Inferno announced

by JohnHassink on 14-04-2017, 09:26
Topic: Software
Tags: inferno

One of the entries of an earlier MSX development contest was a game called Inferno, which raised quite some eyebrows.
The development of this commences, and it looks like an even more complete version will be released soon.

Relevant link: Vintage Is The New Old
Relevant link: Aetherbyte

Comments (4)

By valkyre

Hero (661)

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14-04-2017, 10:17

Looking good.

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

hamlet's picture

14-04-2017, 15:11

What a funny vid!

By syn

Prophet (2123)

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14-04-2017, 22:31

that trailer is indeed amazingly welldone!

By AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

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16-04-2017, 11:58

Rastan like game? Wonderful!!!