In order to stay up-to-date on the latest MSX news, obviously people tend to choose their favourite website(s). For most Western users that might be this site, but for the Japanese MSX community it seems that Twitter is the key nowadays. Anyone who dives carefully into Twitter will find that Japanese MSX scene is very active on this social network.

Lately the interest about composing music for MSX has been revived among Japanese users mainly thanks to the useful MSXplay online application. MSXplay is a sound player by Digital Sound Antiques and supported formats are KSS, BGM (MuSICA), MGS, MPK and OPX. MSXplay also lets us export MML compositions to MGS file format and enjoy them on our MSX computers afterwards.

If listening to MSX music is one of your greatest pleasures and you want to know more about the most active and relevant Japanese MSX musicians in the Land of the Rising Sun, please read on to find out who they are and don't forget to follow them from now on. Thanks go out to Giangiacomo Zaffini for helping with the creation of this list. In alphabetical order:


Finally, since the majority of these tracks currently seem to be shared on Twitter via MSXplay links, a Twitter search for might come in handy too. :)

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By Pencioner

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12-10-2020, 10:09

Thank you PAC for your work with gathering info and making this overwiev! Very-very appreciated!

By Pac

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12-10-2020, 11:34

You're welcome. It was a bit heavy but with the help of Giacomo it was a little bit easier. Smile

By hamlet

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12-10-2020, 12:18

Thank you for that effort, Giacomo and PAC.
I just realized what musical scene still exist, while I followed the Caravan Boomer development. I wasn't aware there were so much projects over there.

By Pac

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12-10-2020, 12:58

And thanks to you hamlet for that great artwork. Wink

By Takamichi

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12-10-2020, 13:27

Of course there are many others like two of my friends HamCutlets kumokosi

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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12-10-2020, 15:17

I welcome PAC's initiative.
I'm happy that I've been involved, notwithstanding my limited knowledges.
It is fun too. Cool


By sd_snatcher

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12-10-2020, 17:15

Thank you for this summary! I found some guys I wasn't following.

By Latok

msx guru (3791)

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12-10-2020, 19:23

I absolutely love such investigation and thorough information. Respect!

And how cool, all this Japanese activity. Them using Twitter finally makes their MSX scene more accessible...

By Mr.Mouse

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13-10-2020, 10:18

You have missed one (but thanks for the awesome list!).

Tadahiro Nitta is back with a mini-album, revisiting 8 of his classic tunes from Xak, Xak II, Fray and Illusion City!

Launch trailer:
CLOAD Launch Trailer

By Pac

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14-10-2020, 19:19

Takamichi wrote:

Of course there are many others like two of my friends HamCutlets kumokosi

Takamichi, sorry for the mistake. I've added HamCutlets to the list. I didn't find music references from Kumo in order to attach it to him, please let me know which one. ;)

By Takamichi

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16-10-2020, 06:02

A few of Kumo's music can be found by searching PSGTRACKER though I remember hearing many others. If you look around twitter hard enough I am sure you can expand the list 10 times longer :)