Konamito MSX-BASIC contest 2010 - Drop

by JohnHassink on 27-10-2010, 18:59
Topic: Software

For a while, the Spanish MSX website Konamito has been organizing MSX-BASIC contests. This year, they initiated a new edition, to which two entries have been submitted by now. The first entry was a tetris game by a developer under the monicker of MSXOsaure, who is also responsible for a new entry, simply called "Drop". This new dexterity game revolves around a drop of water which you have to lead past a labyrinth inhabited by monsters. Hopefully, this new entry will inspire other MSX-BASIC experts to try and contribute to this initiative.

Relevant link: Konamito

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By ro

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28-10-2010, 10:48

Good to see new entries!