Kralizec have updated their website, revealing that the MSX development teams Toybox and Lemonize are subsidiary Kralizec brands used for game remakes and MSX1 productions, respectively.

Had they previously already released freeware versions of Bomb Jack, Dahku and Kralizec Tetris, the new layout of the site comes with two other great goodies:

  • Operation Wolf - (ToyBox, 48 KB MSX ROM version) - A polished version of the MSXdev'06 game adds - amongst others - still graphics for the intro, level map and the highly anticipated mouse support, which greatly enhances the playability of the game
  • Majikazo (Lemonize, 48 KB MSX ROM) - A great action game that features colourful graphics, arcade alike action, an amazing PSG and FM BSO and many other hidden secrets

Both games were included in Manuel Pazos' MultiROM cartridge, which is now available at Sunrise These free versions that are ready to download are slightly improved versions of the games bundled in the MultiROM.

As if that wasn't enough, Kralizec have also announced they are going to release at least two more great MSX productions this year: a large MSX2 game and an MSX sound/music editor with full support for PSG, FM and SCC chips. Naturally, we will keep reporting about all these developments as soon as more news comes in!

Relevant link: Kralizec

Comments (10)

By Manuel

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09-02-2007, 20:24


Wow, Majikazo is really cool! Superb sound and great graphics! THe game itself is pretty good, although I found it a bit weird that you can go to the next level without having finished the cleaning. Anyway, it's a very slick game.

The improved Operation Wolf is indeed a lot more playable and enjoyable! Great! Now it's really a finished game Smile

By Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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09-02-2007, 23:20

Very cool game that Majikazo! Good gameplay and nicely polished. It would have done well in msxdev. Makes you wonder why it wasn't submitted.

By Ivan

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09-02-2007, 23:27

These free versions that are ready to download are slightly improved versions of the games bundled in the MultiROM

What are the improvements?

By poke-1,170

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09-02-2007, 23:48

pretty nice music actually

By doraemonppc

Master (247)

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10-02-2007, 02:17

Majikazo its really a SuperB Game.

I want to know the improvements too Eek!

By Ramones

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10-02-2007, 11:10

Hi all! Thanks for playing Majikazo and Operation Wolf Extended Version.

OW and MK free versions are the same version of Manuel Pazos Multirom. If you can a copy of this cartrigde, please, contact with Sunrise. MultiRom have final version of great game Traffic Jam, with 40 full levels and FM Music. And, of course, other 5 great games (Parachuteless Joe, Stratos, Kralizec Tetris, Universe: Unknown and The Cure)

If you want play this game Roms in your real MSX, download ODO utility from MRC Downloads Database. ODO can load 48k Roms, like OldSkool, UU and The Cure, in all MSX with 64k lineal memory in one slot/subslot.


Please, play the games, and enjoy!

By pitpan

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11-02-2007, 23:29

Sorry for the misunderstanding about the ROM versions Sad

By PlainSpooky

Resident (53)

PlainSpooky's picture

13-02-2007, 18:08

How can I execute Majikazo in a real MSX?
I tried to use ExecROM but returns "invalid ROM"...

By Ramones

Champion (264)

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13-02-2007, 20:25

Hi PlainSpooky.

You can download ODO utility from MRC downloads or click this link

With ODO, you can load MajiKazo and Operation Wolf Extended in all MSX with 64k Ram in one slot/subslot.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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14-02-2007, 10:18

Majikazo is GREAT!
At last a really good game for MSX1!!!