KSR Sound Driver 041230

by snout on 04-01-2005, 17:51
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On December 30th, 2004 Boukichi released a new version of his KSR Sound driver. This driver, written in Pasmo converts music written in MML similar to the MML which is used to generate MCK files for the NES to KSS files which can be played on PC (e.g. in WinAmp) with MSXPlug or on MSX with Nyyrikki's KSSplay. The new release of KSR also allows the creation of an MSX compatible .ROM file which then plays the song. A very simple MML demo is included.

Relevant link: Boukichi's website - HuSIC section

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By shaiwa

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05-01-2005, 09:53

hmm,.... may be interesting... mml seems to be basic play data ?