Mag the Magician - MSX port on sale

Mag the Magician - MSX port on sale

by Pac on 16-11-2019, 20:29
Topic: Software

Just a month ago we reported about the MSX port of Mag the Magician, originally a ZX spectrum game.

Radastan, its developer, announces the physical release of the game through Matra. Some game features:

  • Graphics adapted to MSX.
  • 14 new screens plus a different map.
  • Music and sound by McKlain.
  • Improved sprites and smooth movement.

Once ordered, Matra offers you the possibility to deliver the game in person at the next Barcelona MSX users meeting or Nijmegen fair. Price 25€.

Relevant link: Matra shop - Mag the Magician
Relevant link: Bytemaniacos

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By Pac

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04-03-2020, 15:26

Hi, Mag the Magician was released for free last month: Wink

By hamlet

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05-03-2020, 09:43

This is good news. Especially the comparison to the Enterprise and Spectrum version is very interesting! Thanks for' making it available for free!