Mega Flash ROM web updated

by Guillian on 19-03-2003, 20:15
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

The website dedicated to the new Mega Flash ROM cartridges was updated today. First of all, there's a new version of the program to load ROM images to the flash memory, OPF. In version 0.3, the following things changed:

  • More ROMs are supported. You don't need special ROM versions, or patched ones. OPF can load original ROMs like Cross Blaim, Korean 80in1, Super Lode Runner, etc...
  • Mega Flash ROM slot can be selected manually.
  • GM2-PACK support (Multigame ROM combined with Game Master2)

The OPF Manual was updated as well. Especially for Game Master 2, a new patch called GM2PACK.COM was added as well, allowing you to run Konami multigames roms. Now you can load up to 3 Konami games into Mega Flash ROM, and combine them with Game Master 2. You can choose what game you want to combine or execute alone.

Relevant link:
Mega Flash ROM web