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by snout on 27-02-2003, 12:08
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Manuel Pazos added a (spanish) manual to the OPF.COM program that is included with the MegaFlashROM cartridges. OPF can also be used for Padial's flash cartridges.

MegaFlashROM cartridges can be used to run (mega)ROM files on MSX computers. With OPF.COM you put a ROM image into the Flash memory. Recently, these new types of Flash cartridges were introduced, as we reported about earlier. Currently, these are the most versatile and user-friendly flash cartridges available.

On our forums, there is a discussion on the old MegaROM cartridges that are converted to become Flash Cartridges. You can read -and discuss- about that here

Information on MegaFlashROM and the new OPF manual can be found here

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By Guillian

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27-02-2003, 16:23

> OPF can also be used for Padial's flash cartridges.

Just to say that OPF CAN'T be used with Padial's flash cartridges, since they are not full compatible.

BTW, we are working with Okei to release a new REALLY NICE feature Smile