Metal Gear SaveToDisk IPS patch

by Ramones on 19-02-2007, 22:09
Topic: Software

Kralizec released an IPS patch for Metal Gear which allows the game to save and load from disk. It only works with the Japanese release of Metal Gear. Ofcourse the Japanese release can be patched to English by using the Metal Gear Remixed IPS patch. You can save the game by pressing F1 and then F5 and load by pressing F1 and then F4. Kralizec removed the MSX model checking to make sure the game runs on non-Japanese MSX2 machines too and when SELECT is pressed while loading the game it will run at 60Hertz.

Relevant link: Kralizec Metal Gear SaveToDisk IPS patch

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By Manuel

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19-02-2007, 22:29

Pressing select while loading the saved game? (Or what else? It's still a ROM game...)

Nice work, though Smile

By pitpan

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20-02-2007, 01:09

Pressing SELECT while the game boots, whenever it does from floppy disk or flashed ROM! Tongue

By Patsie

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23-02-2007, 22:06

just a note for the writer of the article: it's Kralizec (not Krazilec) At least you're consistent Wink