Back in the days, the people at Future Disk must have been shape shifting between being toddlers and being young adults, how else would one explain their game concepts.. Hydragon has again made videos of two Future Disk games, and thank heavens this time it's not about Cookie Monster or Tinky Winky. None other than the popular Konami games Metal Gear and SD Snatcher have served as inspiration for these FD-productions: Metal Gear Special, and Junker Squad. Watch the videos, and you'll agree that the 90's have really been the pinnacle of the MSX scene!  


Relevant link: Metal Gear Special, Junker Squad

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By Jorito

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16-12-2011, 12:48

Nice to see these FD games again! A pity they didn't use my music for Junker Squad tho...

By The_Engineer

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16-12-2011, 23:58

The music wasn't bad, but the moment I heard your versions, I decided that the game required the real music and SFX from SD Snatcher. It really improved the game experience. Unfortunately, it didn't improve the game play.