MicroWAVer 0.4

by [WYZ] on 03-10-2003, 12:42
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In this forum thread we could already see the first announcements and specifications of MicroWAVer, an ultra-fast cassette loader for MSX. MicroWAVer uses Windows 9x or Windows XP. By connecting your PC to your MSX cassette port you can load cassette games (WAV files) a lot faster than with standard cassettes. Here are some specs:

  • Maximum speed approximately 1 kb/s.
  • Loads (multi)Binary, 8K,16K and 32K (patched) ROM and MegaROM converted to BIN files.
  • Creates standard Bload,Cload (tokenized) format.
  • CD version Option.44100 Hz/16 bit.

You can download MicroWAVer here

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By cax

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08-10-2003, 13:26

It's a well-known fact that encoding WAV with MSX tape data to MP3 will corrupt the data.

But I decided to try it again - and it worked with MP3 encoded on max settings - 320 kbps.

It works reliable (i tried tens of times) on my MP3-CD player.
Usual audio CD played on the same device fails frequently, but playing MP3 didn't fail even once.

How do you like it - MP3 and MSX ?

Having MP3 CD player, you can store the whole collection of games and software on 1-2 CDs only, and load any title, even MegaROM, on a diskless MSX in 2-3.5 min. max !

Viva MicroWAVer !

By [WYZ]

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16-04-2005, 19:53

Hey Cax, I'm just making some changes in MW with a better compression method also now it's possible to code mp3 files at 192-224bps. No lost of load speed.(5512)

If somebody want to try a MW-mp3 file wirte to: jvicentemz[]gmail[]com