MNBIOS 3rd demo updated

by flyguille on 14-10-2004, 15:26
Topic: Software
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Unfortunately, the DPF550 version of the 3rd MNBIOS demo which was bundled with openMSX had a small packing-problem that caused it to malfunction. The problem was an outdated ROM image which was booted by openMSX. This version, which displayed 'MNBIOS kernel version 0.0', was not only incomplete, but also had errors in the math routines. The updated version also has some new commands in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to further increase SHELL speed. If you had downloaded the old package, please download the updated file from the MNBIOS website.

You can download the updated MNBIOS for DPF550, including openMSX so you can try it out on your own PC, from the MRC right here.

Relevant link:

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By flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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14-10-2004, 18:33

now only lacks to update the package at MRC download database

By snout

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15-10-2004, 22:38

done Wink